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    Once you have placed your order, we will contact you when your order is ready for pick up. Our normal turn-around time is within 24 hours.

    What makes Paleo Pet so great?

    Human grade, free-range, grass-fed, premium pet food made in small batches.

    No mechanically rendered (msm) or separated (msm) meats ever!
    No grains, no salts, no sugars, no dyes, no soluble carbohydrates, no artificial anything!
    No high-pressure pasteurization.
    No vitamin packs.
    No 4d livestock.

    Our products are sold in bulk, by the case. This allows us to remain as cost-effective as possible.
    Each case weighs 30 pounds and is priced by format. There are two formats and three sizes available:

    Chubs: think of chubs as a hunk or tube of meat. Similar to the look of grocery store meat. These chubs come in two sizes. 5 lb and 2 lb chubs. Two lb chubs are perfect for medium size dogs up to 50 lbs. Five lb chubs are the most cost-effective option and are typically geared to families with large or multiple dogs.
    Patties: this option looks very similar to a common hamburger patty. They are individually weighed and cut into approx. 8 oz portions then individually wrapped. The individual wrapped per patty can be hand/ripped open for convenience. These patties come in 10 lb bags with approx 20 patties per bag. Each case comes with three bags. The audience in mind is small dogs or traveling families.