Original Heavy Duty Winter Jacket - UNISEX (Hi-Vis Yellow)

Arrak Outdoor

  • $245.00
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The original jacket from Arrak Outdoor is a fantastic jacket with carefully designed features and durable material. Three colors to choose from, Hi-Vis, Black, Dark Gray, and Pink.  Dogs can't feel the cold, but we can. Whether your hiking or training your dog, this jacket is equipped with many convenient features and is made of oxford nylon which is a highly durable material resistant to external forces such as branches and sharp dog claws. The jacket is nice and warm with a soft inside and soft lambswool material in the collar. The hood can easily be taken out from or hidden inside the hood pocket. Visibility reflexes on arms can easily be revealed during evening walks, and easily hidden when going out in town.

The jacket has a large back pocket with a zipper and six front pockets whereof four have zippers. The other two are ideal to put your hands in when it gets cold. The jacket comes with a detachable pocket for dog treats and the right-hand side front pocket has an output for dog bags.

Delivery of this item will take up to 2 weeks. 

Available Colours: Hi-Vis Yellow, Black, Dark Gray, and Pink.