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Arrak Outdoor Activewear that has been designed and tested in Sweden to withstand sport activities! Many dog trainers and pet walkers use Arrak Outdoor USA clothing while working because they maintain comfort and are very stylish. Mondio Ring and IPO competitors report that Arrak Outdoor USA clothing makes them look great in photos! Whether you training or trialing Arrak USA will provide users the protection they need during cold winter days. Arrak Outdoor products have overcome hot summer days by including specially designed side ventilation zipper to let the hot air out and bring the cool air in. So on hot summer days, you will have the protection you need while enjoying the best features of these great dog training and active lifestyle clothing.

Remember that Arrak Outdoor USA pants provide protection from the rain as well. Our specially designed waterproof resistant fabric is designed to withstand rugged environments, from hiking to working with your dog, you will love Arrak Outdoor clothing.

Arrak's specially designed protective pockets serve as a barrier between your dogs nails and your skin, climate changes, and a number of other potential risks associated with your active lifestyle.

Say goodbye to your frumpy sweats and say hello to Arrak! The pants are designed to make you look appealing in every angle. Whether on the tracking field, hunting grounds or on the podium, you will look sporty and ready for the camera shot!

Arrak Outdoor originated in 1999. Registered trademark since 2001. The Arrak brand began many years ago originally as an equestrian brand sports apparel including specialty designed jackets and various other types of clothing for outdoor sportsmen and riders. Arrak recognized that there was a strong demand for clothing that could withstand the rigorous requirement of all dog sports.

From handlers involved with the training and handling of hunting dogs, to ring sport, and IPO, Arrak brand clothing has it all. Most trainers spend hours upon hours on the field. Rain or shine, training must continue, as it ensures that the dog and the handler to be prepared for all types of climate and weather conditions.

Arrak clothing is specially designed to keep the handler cool during the hot summer months and warm stormy and wet winter months. With carefully designed zippers to allow for cooling, to the waterproof material, the Arrak pants will provide the comfort for every handler. Use Arrak Outdoor Clothing for Dog Training, Horse Training, Hiking, it works for everything!

NOTE: Details and designs are both trademarked and designs protected to preserve their unique character.

ARRAK OUTDOOR ® is designed and tested in Sweden.