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Outdoor Pants for Men


    Looking for new outdoor pants to take your adventures to the next level? Arrak Outdoor pants are designed with your needs in mind. We understand that you need gear to keep up when you're out there. That's why our pants are made of durable and breathable fabric, so you can focus on the task without feeling weighed down.

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    Outdoor pants for active men


    The Active Stretch model is one of our most popular items. It is easy to see why as the pants have several good properties well suited for all weather conditions. The pants have DWR-coated stretch in strategic places, among other things. This increases the garment's flexibility, which in turn improves your mobility. In addition, you get as many as five pockets, three of which have zippers. With Active Stretch, you'll get outdoor pants for men that fit most outdoor activities. They are also a popular choice for dog-walking pants. Don't be surprised if our Active Stretch pants turn out to be your new favorite. After all, they are one of our most popular outdoor garments.

    Outdoor pants that fit most activities


    When you know you will be combating the harshest terrain, we recommend our Hybrid model. These outdoor pants have knee pockets that you can equip with knee pads, and they also have a comfortable 4-way stretch. The pockets are spacious, especially the thigh pockets. These pants are designed to repel water.


    If you like spending time out in nature, you will love all of our outdoor plants. If you need pants that allow you the most flexibility, go with our newest pants, the Motion Flex. These pants have side pockets in the leg and a built-in belt, which allows you to hit the ground running. 


    Our Active Stretch pants have thick front fabric to serve as a protective barrier between you and your dog's nails, 4-way stretch in the seat. If they get wet, they have super dry capabilities. Our Performance Pants have multiple pockets, and they are great for cooler climates. 


    Our Thermal Pants are waterproof, windproof, and lined. They are the most protective and comfortable winter pants you will ever own.

    Outdoor pants for cold and windy weather

    When the temperature drops and the ground and covered in snow, many people won't go outside. Some don't because it's too called for them. With our clothing, winter can be your playground. Our winter pants are perfect for outdoor activities during the winter. The pants have adjustable braces, several pockets, and zippers running down the side, making it much easier to put on and take off your winter pants. Remember that the pants are just one part of your winter outfit. You can also find Bamboo Long underwear, a matching winter jacket, and a comfortable hat with us.

    Pants that are suitable for rain and wind

    In recent years, the winters have also been stormy. In other words, it is well worth investing in a pair of high- quality waterproof pants. Our waterproof pants not only keep you dry, but the lined pants also provide good breathability. This ensures that you do not get too hot when wearing waterproof pants. There are several jackets in our store that you can use together with the waterproof pants, from high-performance rain jackets to jackets with water-repellent properties.

    Buy new outdoor pants for men from us.


      We have a large selection of pants to suit all types of outdoor activities. Whether you are looking for hiking pants, pants for dog handlers, or active outdoor pants of the highest quality, you can find them with us.