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Pulling Problems? - Arrak Outdoor USA
As many dog trainers are, I am often subjected to a variety of situations involving hapless dog owners. A frequent one occurs while out walking. Frustrated owners see the the word “Heel!” repeatedly, while hurrying by whatever is causing their dog to lunge and strain against the leash.  Unless your dog is old or naturally uninterested in others, the vast majority of dog owners struggle with this issue.
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7 Commands To Teach Your Puppy - Arrak Outdoor USA

Getting a new puppy can be a very exciting thing, but you don’t have to wait for formal obedience training time to start teaching your new puppy things!  Below are 7 commands to start teaching your puppy from the day your bring them home:

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Submissive Urination in Dogs - Arrak Outdoor USA

Submissive urination can be a frustrating issue for owners who are constantly cleaning up their dogs piddles. Fortunately most dogs will outgrow submissive urination between 6-9 months of age. Below we have put together a list of solutions we use and recommend for submissive urination.

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Protect Your Dogs Feet This Summer - Arrak Outdoor USA

Many dog owners forget that with summer time comes the inevitable heat wave. Higher temperatures, even near the beach, mean owners need to be aware of how hot pavement and trails can be on our 4 legged friend’s paws.

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe from Rattlesnakes - Arrak Outdoor USA

Rattlesnake season is in full swing, and it may just seem like a way of life living in Southern California. Its commonplace to see them on trails and invading your yards if you back up to hillsides or wildlife area.

What do you need to know about rattlesnakes and how can you secure your property and keep your dog safe in rattlesnake areas?

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