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The Ultimate Training Tool for Dog Trainers: Arrak Outdoor Training Vests

Training vests are important for dog training because they provide a convenient and secure way to carry equipment and supplies during training sessions. Our training vests often have multiple pockets and loops where you can store treats, toys, and other training aids that you need to have close at hand. This allows you to be well-prepared and organized during training sessions, which can help you stay focused and on track.

Arrak Outdoor training vests also serve as a visual cue for your dog, indicating that you are in training mode. This can help your dog to focus and pay attention to you during training sessions, as they know that it is time to work and learn.

Choose one of our training vests to protect you from scratches and bites during training sessions, particularly if you are working with a large or strong dog. Our vests are made from durable materials that can provide a barrier between you and your dog, reducing the risk of injury.

Choose from our many training vests!

Jumper Vest. This lightweight vest is perfect for summer training, featuring thin polyester 240T fabric. The fabric is specially designed to allow airflow during those hot summer months or from overheating due to vigorous training exercises. 

Special features:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Wind warning
  • 2-way zipper
  • Large back pocket
  • Inner pocket with zipper
  • Four front pockets with zippers
  • High adjustable collar
  • Drawstring at the waist.
  • Reflexes on chest and back


Softshell Vest.  A totally new and very innovative vest made for training and competition. Arrak Outdoor has taken the best from years of their experience and put it into this garment. This vest is highly recommended and can be used during most seasons of the year. The material is a 3-layer soft-shell in weaved 4-way stretch laminate with 3000mm water resistance and an equal amount of wind resistance and breathability. The material is very smooth and soft which suits the active user. 

In this model, we have added an extra pocket for plastic bags with a feeding function in the front pocket.

Arrak Acadia Vest New WomenArrak Acadia Softshell Vest Unisex

Product features:

  • Double front pockets
  • Multiple front pockets
  • Back tunnel pocket
  • Elastic with a toggle in the waist and hem
  • D-ring as a leash loop.
  • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton twill
  • Stretch fabric panels In the side in 94% Polyamide / 6% elastane
  • 2-way zipper
  • Chest pocket with zipper
  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Tunnel pocket on the back with zipper
  • Adjustable drawstring at the bottom
  • D-ring on the chest with carabiner
Competition Vest. Arrak Outdoor's Competition Dog Handler's Vest is the perfect training vest for any dog sport. Our designers worked with hundreds of dog trainers to produce the best dog handler's vest. From the novice dog handler to the world-level competitor, this vest is top of the line!
Arrak Competition Vest MenArrak Competition Women


Special Features:

  •  Breathable fabric made of 65% polyester/35% cotton twill. Stretch accent fabric panels on the side of each vest made of 94% Polyamide/6% elastane.
  • The vest is mesh-lined that allows for air to pass through, keeping you cool in any weather easily.
  • Two side zippers that allow ventilation to keep you cool. We tested the vest on the hottest California summer day. We were happy to report that our users were comfortable throughout the day because of this and the other features. 
  • The water-resistant fabric has been *impregnated with wax making the vest impervious to water and giving it greater sustainability.
  • Heavy-duty 2-way front zipper. The ability to unzip the bottom of the vest is a feature that is vital for training. You can load up your pockets and use the zipper to give you extra room. If you are bending or sitting a lot during your training, unzipping the bottom of the vest will allow greater comfort and flexibility.
  • The placement of the pockets will exceed your expectations. The chest pockets are reinforced with durable zippers. The front-bottom pockets are doubled, with a zipped outer pocket and a hand pocket directly behind it. The back of the vest has a large kangaroo pocket for large items. The inside of the vest has two inner pockets for the storage of your valuables. 
  • The first of its kind - a removable treat pocket, securely attached to the front of your vest, lined, washable, and closeable with its convenient drawstring toggle.
  • An elastic outer holder is placed on the right front shoulder and under the armpit. The placement of the elastic band is perfect for holding your reward toy or e-collar remote.
  • Durable, breathable, polyester/cotton material with side panels in a flexible stretch material for the best fit and mobility.
  • Adjustable drawstring at the bottom.
  • Each vest has D-rings to attach your leash handle, keys, or other items on the front and back with Arrak Outdoor's logo carabiner.


You can see that Arrak training vests provide a convenient way to carry equipment and supplies, serve as a visual cue for the dog, and help to protect the trainer during training sessions. All this while making you look stylish and professional. 


Top photo: Left: Competition Vest with Active Stretch Pants. Right: Competition Vest with Performance Pants and Insulated Flannel Shirt.


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