What do dog trainers wear?

What do dog trainers wear? - Arrak Outdoor USA

As a first time trainer, it is hard to know what will be expected of you. You will of course need to have the right equipment for your dog. Most dog training  groups will tell you what you should bring for your dog, but they never tell you what you will need. For the novice trainer, you will always need a vest to hold all of the required tools for your dog. A dog vest will hold, a dog bowl, leash, treats, clicker, waste bags, and a bottle of water. These are just a few things you will need on your first day.

For most competitive dog sports, handlers will wear training pants as they provide the protection and flexibility that is not found in any other type of apparel The days of wearing blue jeans or leggings is frowned upon as jeans do not have the water and wind resistant qualities found in training pants, and for leggings, not only do they not provide its users with the required water proof material, they offer no protection from the elements and the dog's nails, and they have no pockets to hold necessary items. 

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