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Dog Handler's Jacket Collection (Men's & Women)


    Outdoor clothing for cold weather

     We have an array of outdoor clothing that can withstand even the harshest and coldest environment. Suppose you are looking for affordable outdoor clothing that can handle the freezing days of winter. In that case, you've come to the right place. Here, you will find the perfect women's jackets and pants. Our jackets are made with oxford nylon, creating natural water and windproof barriers while still being breathable.

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    Our playful pups can be rough sometimes. No need to worry about scratch marks with our products as they protect your skin against your pup's nails so that you can spend more time with your best friend! How about walking through bushes? Those sharp branches won't leave scratches on your body. You can quickly plow through nature and protect yourself from ticks and other insects. 

     You can choose from various jackets. Some are fleece-lined, while others are shells, creating multiple layers. Sometimes an extra layer of clothing is necessary. In that case, go with our comfortable Bamboo Long underwear. They are made with sustainable material, keep bacteria away from your skin, and are silky soft. You will never have to be cold again with your jackets. Not only do they have a ton of pockets, but they also keep you warm even when the outside temperature drops below freezing. We are proud that our outdoor wear is made with breathable fabric that can withstand warm and humid environments.